Unit 1 Reading

In the functional Art by Alberto Cairo infographics are discussed by means of statistical charts, maps, diagrams and other forms of visualization. Infographics are used to help an audience analyze and obtain information in visual way that is clear and easy to pick up right away. Unorganized data can be formed in a way that is more visually appealing and easy to understand by means of DIKW Hierarchies (Data, Information, Knowledge, Wisdom). Data is in reality unstructured information. It can be complex to understand to an audience for example, a speadsheet of numbers representing specific data. Knowledge is when an audience is able to perceive a pattern or meaning of data by obtaining content and relating it to their own memories and experiences.  Wisdom is reached when a deeper understanding of this information is obtained and the audience not only gets whats going on but also when this new information can be blended  into a previous experience and allows them to understand it as a whole.

Visualization can be seen as technology for a variety of reasons. It is a powerful tool used to aid an overall better understanding for people and helps them to fulfill a particular purpose or complete a certain task. Visualization helps to create shortcuts of understanding by making information easier to comprehend and remember just as technology would.

In the National Geographic Designer’s process and research the work of Juan Velasco and Fernando G. Baptista are discussed. During their research process there are a lot of similarities to my project, like how they explore a variety of different sources (books, websites, drawings, etc.) while acquiring more information and ideas. There is an extensive research process as well as  sketches drawn before developing a final product.

This infographic has relevance because it describes it’s elements in a visually appealing way that is clear to obtain important information:


Infographic from: http://www.dreamstime.com/royalty-free-stock-photo-clean-color-infographics-elements-world-map-information-graphics-vector-illustration-can-be-used-workflow-layout-image38943205


Infographic from: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/269864202644803386/


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