Week 2 Peer Critique

Today we discussed our project one statements and competitive analysis within our blog, research we found, and also sketches. Roy and Gavin were in my group and helped me to identify some key points which I needed to re-look at and as well as advice to consider after looking things over.

My biggest struggle right now is in which area of topic I will narrow my project down to. Within color influence or color psychology there any many different types of influences which can affect our behaviors, mood, and/or thinking process. I am having a hard time narrowing my target audience and also establishing an exact client because of the broad range in which my topic expands to. Gavin and Roy suggested that I pick a specific area within color in order to create and find my target audience and client. I responded to the idea of choosing one color in specific, green and focusing on it’s elements and how it influences ideas, people, and more. They agreed that this would be a great way to narrow information but that I could also chose a specific type of influence within color psychology and address various colors within that depending on what I decided. Gavin also suggested I look into Dunk Tank Pink book by Adam Alter which talks about how unexpected forces can impact how we feel, think or behave. Both Roy and Gavin explained to me about the Adobe Color CC Kuler webpage and how once I establish these basics it would be a good website to obtain colors I could use.


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