Unit 4 Reading

In chapter 5 The Eye and the Visual Brain the concept of sight with our eyes and how visual perception is processed with our brain is discussed. Neuroscientist, Antonio Damasio explains how visual perception works and the different concepts behind this process like illusions, peripheral vision, foveal vision, the electromagnetic spectrum, rods and cones and more. He talks about how the eye can imagine illusions and also how we prioritize images we see as a means of evolution and survival. We can then relate these concepts directly to information graphics and visualization because we know how the human eye works. This information helps us to know ahead of time what the brain will focus on first and how to apply this in a way which will allow our viewers to pick up on what we want to highlight by means of movement and pure colors for example.

In Profile 4: Hannah Fairfield Capital infographics are a highlight topic with interview questions and the importance of infographics from Fairfield’s perspective who is a graphics director at The Washington Post. She discusses her experience working in the field with people of different skill sets that work well together which include reporters, designers, database editors, and developers. In this chapter there are several infographic project examples from The Washington Post displayed and talked about with Fairfield. She talks about the importance of teamwork, her experience and ideas behind the work and what the future of the Washington Post has in store.

Linked image in relation to reading:


I chose this hotlink because it is an excellent example of an infographic about flavor combinations to try done by The Washington Post which relates to our reading in Profile 4 about Hannah Fairfields work at this company.


Linked example of excellent physical infographic:




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