P3: Project Statement (Refined)

The Meaning of Green


My client is Positive Impact Magazine (PIM), which is a creative magazine web-based and print based in Oldsmar Florida. Their mission is to tell stories about people, places or ideas that can leave a positive impact on readers. Their creative mission is to amplify and unify the impact of creativity while communicating ideas and influences that surround us.

Target Audience

My target audience for this project are the readers of PIM magazine which consist of both males and females from various ages (mainly young adults in their early 20’s and extending to the older generation in their 60s/70’s). This would target people within the creative field or have those who have a creative drive, or even people who read PIM because they enjoy creativity and design.


I would like my target audience to achieve a better understanding of the functioning of color psychology and how color influences the human mind. I hope to achieve this by using the color green as a specific example of how it influences our minds, behaviors and also just simply its symbolic meaning and how that just like any other color will influence us in ways we are subconsciously unaware of when it is happening.


Color psychology is a very complex and subjective topic. There are many obstacles within this topic because every mind and person is different and contain different ideas and opinions. Therefore my project will not be geared toward everyone’s exact way of thinking but rather the majority of people and how green influences them in general. I understand that color influence is an influence in most cases but that specific ideas, feelings and behaviors are not all the same result.

Key Benefit

My goal after having viewers analyze my final product is to gain a better understanding for how color influences their every day life without them even knowing it. Color is a huge factor when it comes to the distinguishing different brands, and getting an overall feeling for what something is representing. It is something we often automatically use in order to obtain information about various things. I want people to look at my project and realize how green influences the average persons mind and think about how this compares and relates to their own set of ideas. Color is a very powerful element.

Support Statements/Reasons Why

I believe this is a project worth facing the obstacles because it challenges my viewers to think about something subjective and relate it to their own process of viewing things. I also find it a very appealing and interesting subject because even if my ideas don’t necessarily represent an entire set of ideas that all appeal to each individual it gives them an idea of how every person is different. In psychology each individual is different and I want people to better understand themselves and their thinking process but also how others may perceive something. Knowledge about yourself and others is a very powerful and meaningful source of information.


My tone for this project is definitely emotional. Color influence has a direct influence on our emotions, behaviors, ideas and way we perceive things. Color is used to emotionally engage with its audience and convey specific feelings or tones.


My infographic will take form of communication within the Magazine for my client. Positive Impact Magazine in print media for an article about color psychology or on their web site.

Creative Considerations

Nationalities, and regions will be combined and an overall take on the average persons ways of influence will be portrayed. However if I am able to gather enough specific information about how different regions or groups of people are influenced by green then I would love to show that in my infographic.


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