Week 10 Peer Critique

This week I represented Project 2: Seattle Supersonics Resubmission and progress and casestudy for Project 3: Seattle Supersonics Part II (finances/call-to-action). For P2  in our critique we established that there should be a better section divide between the players section and change layouts to be more similar. Gavin suggested thinking about how a basketball court lines might be used to integrate into a  better use for separating sections and information rather then dotted circles. Alik and other classmates thought I should use baselines and the use of white space would be enough to distinguish these section divides.

Feedback for P3 to make sure I have legible sources so its a clear and convincing for organizations and target audiences to believe. Alik suggested that this section has a better flow of information and tells a story, by rearranging some of the current information I have. Gavin asked about a call to action and also suggested a different approach to this section by having something like “if I bought a ticket to one of these games, where does my ticket money go?” and breakdown where the money spent on a ticket would go and how it would impact these different areas. Scott said there can by a fictional call-to-action and have something that brings readers to conclude after reading my infographic.

I think for P2 I will be re-looking the colors used for the ring charts in players, the divides between sections with alignments and use of different color for the lighter yellow used by exploring colors used in previous jerseys or even shades of grey. For p3 I would like to include a fictional call-to-action since there is no existing one, and maybe think about having a share button, or email button. I would also like to do more research to see if there is more information I can find in order to support a better call-to-action.


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