Week 1: Physical Infographic Process

My three project ideas for project one consist of: Dreams, The Influence of Color and A Pescatarian Diet.  If covering dreams possible informative ideas to convey are common dreams people have, time spent dreaming, who dreams, how long do our dreams last, what do we recall in dreams (visually- color, smell, texture, emotions, feel, ext.), why do we dream, other interesting facts and details about dreams.

The Influence of Color ideas to convey are if a persons favorite color influences them in any type of way. For example the affects of mood based upon color, color psychology, color influences in behavior, color influences on thoughts or memories, habits and food cravings, and the fundamentals of color.

A Pescatarian Diet is a vegetarian diet with the exception of seafood as a source of protein. I am a pescatarian but I feel many people do not know what this diet consists of so it would be a unique topic to convey. If choosing this idea, topics to cover could consist of what is a Pescatarian diet, what food groups are entitled, the benefits of the diet, pros and cons, a Pescatarian plan, background and origin of the Pescatarian diet and who develops the diet.

After discussing within our group I realized I would most likely like to do my project on “The Influence of Color”. Some feedback I received was that there is a  large variety of information to convey with the play of color as a visual. Also in comparison to my dreams idea it is more specific. Something we discussed about this project idea and thinking about using this project as a potential portfolio piece was also a reason for leaning towards the influences of color.


Influence of Color:




Pescatarian Diet:









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